These little guys are for the Stupid Mermaid Zine my friend Tom is putting together. Yes, it really is a stupid mermaid zine. A bunch of A+ people are contributing work to it, and it’s going to be beautiful.

My little axolotls are tiny, live in fresh water, and steal chicharrones from children. You better watch out.

I just wrapped this piece up for the Zaftig Zine run by Jacob Sanders. The 11th edition just came out online with the theme “Breakfast”, and you can check out the whole thing here! There’s some stellar work to be seen!

It’s been a while since I tried constructing a structured environment with perspective and all, and I forgot how hard it is. Took me forever to figure it all out, but it pulled together in the end. 

3W Anthology, Volume 1 is out!



This is a momentous day. 3W Anthology, Volume 1 is completed! We will be sending out digital copies for your viewing pleasure to anybody who follows us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. You can alternatively visit our website and sign up for e-mail updates to receive a copy.

The anthology…

Heads up! The collection of student work the Weekly Writing Workshop has put together  has finally been released. There’s a ton of great art in here by Kevin Jan, Erica Ostrowski, Jill Kaczak, myself, and many others. You should scope it out!

I’ve been moving coasts but I’m still sketching all day. Here’s some houses, nipples, and a selfie

Summer means sketchbook time

Here’s a little illustration of one of the loveliest places I’ve ever been to. It was off the Rio Grande in Texas and had a string of the clearest pools I’ve ever seen. Dry as bones, but so beautiful

My brother likes to play games and has biker legs.

This is an editorial piece based off a sketch I did quite some time ago for class. It’s a response to an article about rap lyrics being used as evidence for criminal behavior. You can read it here

I’ve been traveling around the east coast a lot lately with my friends and my brushpen. Also, James Dean


A flower for Safiya by Alison George.

This project was put together to raise awareness for the kidnapped girls in Nigeria. 180 artists are making flowers for the girls who are still missing. You can see all of them here.

This flower is for Safiya, I hope she’ll get to hold her family again